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This is the first entry of many that will talk about the world of Food, Wine and Spirits. What better way to share with each other than to discuss what people love, what engages conversation- Great food, and drinks to share.    

Working in the Food, Wine and Sprit industry has given me many opportunities to meet amazing chefs winemakers, and mixologist from across the country and be involved from behind the scenes. The things I see, the things I am told, and the stuff I taste, I want to bring that to you- the reader.

Behind the Glass(es) will take you to places you may have been to, places you want to go, and places you never thought of, the behind the scenes  of the foodie world from many different angles.

I want to share some great events from 2013 that I was involved in.

I20130304_192743n 2013, I had a client honored by an organization C-Cap for his contributions in the culinary world. This event had amazing chefs gathered to cook for this Gala. Chefs like Marc Murphy, Marcus Samuelsson – just to name a few were in attendance and cooking up great dishes.  Another annual Gala I am involved in is “A Second Helping of Life”- where the top 25 WOMEN chefs get together to raise money for Breast and Ovarian Cancer. This event I have worked on for 4 yrs and it’s very close to my heart, as well as a great night of amazing food- with chefs like Amanda Freitag, and Rebecca Charles and so many other famous women sous chefs, it’s really a night to remember.

2014 seems like it will be a great year for food and wine, and I hope to share exciting things with you in the coming year.


Lori Lengua

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