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Case Studies & Successes

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Positioned as the Leader

A Digital Company came to MiK because they wanted to increase their visibility and stand out from their competitors. They had never received press coverage or been featured on any broadcast platforms before, and they were unsure of how to accomplish this.

One of the founders of the company was positioned as a leader in their field, and we strategically booked him as an expert on numerous business shows. By commenting and providing feedback on various tech-related topics, he gained recognition and became known as an industry expert.

As a result, prestigious national business shows like Bloomberg, Cheddar, Yahoo, and Fox Business started reaching out to have him as a guest. MiK helped this Digital Company become relevant and attract more clients by leveraging the power of media exposure.

Trade in Blue Chips for Cookie Chips

The Founder of a cookie company left her highpaying job as a trader to start a cookie company. I loved her story, her heartfelt message to follow your dreams.

Like any start-up, there were small budgets and uncertainties. However, I wanted to position her differently from the abundance of cookie companies. So, I came up with the idea of “Traded in her blue chips for chocolate chips” – emphasizing the start-up life, being a woman in business, and the cookies giving back.

Through major business shows, she found investors and the company thrived. After parting ways, she returned four years later with a thriving business, a huge baking facility, nationwide shipping, major accounts, and a family. The branding changed to highlight her as a working mom and an innovator. To make her a relatable personality, I had her on a popular morning show like Hallmark, which was a huge success.

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Wine Everyday

Wine clients are big at MiK. We like to approach the wine industry as a staple, not a luxury. We craft stories that seamlessly incorporate our wines and spirits into everyday life, creating a complete narrative that resonates with the times and moments.

We strategically expand brand visibility by introducing new varietals and portfolios, emphasizing their unique selling points for maximum impact. Our approach highlights seasonality and market needs on both regional and national levels. We leverage the influence of talented individuals as spokespeople to further strengthen our clients’ presence.

Cruelty Free Your Home

Who would have thought about making your home cruelty-free? For those who care about animals and the environment, this client’s project was truly unique.

As a vegan myself, it was exciting to educate people on the everyday aspects of veganism. It goes beyond food and extends to clothing, makeup, shoes, and every other item we purchase.

The challenge lay in visually showcasing the touch and texture of vegan products. However, we found great ways to involve hosts and guests, allowing them to validate the textures and feelings.

Our efforts not only gained us numerous followers but also helped in spreading awareness about the importance of using vegan-friendly glues and fabrics, ultimately making the vegan designer a household name.

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We have clients who have been featured on various shows, including but not limited to the following:

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