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Where it all started

With decades of experience in the dynamic field of public relations, Lori is more than just a PR professional; she’s a storyteller. She’s a delightful blend of creativity, energy, and a touch of professional flair. So, who is this bold, unapologetic, and spirited PR maven, you ask? Let’s take a closer look.

Lori’s journey began with an art major background, setting the stage for her unique approach to public relations. She found her initial footing in the fashion industry, but it wasn’t long before her true gift emerged – the gift of gab. Lori’s innate ability to connect with people, listen to their stories, and transform them into compelling narratives is what sets her apart in the PR world.

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A broadcast media maven was born

Today, Lori focuses exclusively on broadcast media, foreseeing decades of how impactful broadcast is, helping her clients shine on television, radio, and in digital. She firmly believes that in a world where we are bombarded with information, visuals and audio are the keys to capturing our attention. Most of us don’t have the time to read lengthy texts, which is why broadcast media, is the most effective way to communicate your message.

Lori is a firm believer in the power of visual storytelling. She understands that as consumers, we are drawn to engaging and captivating content that appeals to our senses. With broadcast media, she can help you tell your story visually, ensuring your message is seen and heard by a broader audience.

She considers broadcast media like having your very own commercial, where you have control, with more of the right eyes on you in the right place at the right time. It’s a powerful and precise way to convey your message, and she’s here to make sure your story reaches the people you want to reach.

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Where passion meets profession!

Lori’s love of animals was what drove her to delve into the world of veganism and plant-based living. Like most animal lovers, she sees her beloved dog, Oscar, as her son, and this deep bond has inspired her to embrace a plant-based lifestyle and support more of those brands through both her PR efforts and advocacy.

She loves to spend most of her spare time with her fur baby Oscar Wilde. They love road trips and staying in new places -hiking and exploring. Planning multiple outings and gatherings for friends and family is also a big passion. Cooking, gardening volunteering and all things animals are what drive her.

MiK sets aside pro bono work for many businesses like Share an organization for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Wine on Wheels and Wheeling Forward, which are dedicated to helping the disabled and working with rescues.

Proceeds from MiK go to multiple charities like; Goats of Anarchy, Cuddly, Asher House, Tunnel for Towers, Best Friends, and Farm Sanctuary to just name a few.

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Your uniqueness is your superpower

Just as Oscar Wilde celebrated individuality and authenticity, Lori understands the power of being true to oneself. Lori understands that in today’s society, conformity often takes center stage, which is why her approach to PR is all about helping her clients embrace their unique identities and story. She believes that your differentness is your greatest asset and that it’s something to be celebrated, not hidden.

In the work she does every day, Lori encourages her clients to be themselves, to stand out from the crowd, and to tell their stories in a way that reflects their genuine character and values. By doing so, she helps them connect with their target audience on a deeper level, creating memorable and impactful narratives that leave a lasting impression.

A master of wit and wordplay, Lori’s creativity and communication skills are unmatched in the world of broadcast media-focused public relations. She weaves your story into current events and creates a masterpiece that is uniquely yours, captivating and engaging, so it resonates with your audience on a personal level.

Lori is here to remind you that “being yourself” is the most powerful and authentic way to connect with others and it is her life’s mission to help you tell your story in your own voice, because, as Wilde both wisely and famously put it, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

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